“is moulin rouge a dance movie?”

Hey listeners in today’s episode we discuss (in some peoples opinions) the two greatest dance movies of all time. I’ve never seen either until this podcast and all I can say is that they are both hilariously 80’s.

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Hey listeners, welcome back to another episode of Boys Meet Podcast. In today’s episode, Erin and I tackle the ever popular movie “Get Out” and the show that constantly makes you think that the internet is trying to kill you, "Black Mirror.” This episode is full of spoilers because that’s the only way to dig into these topics just a bit further. Black Mirror is so good though, that you can know the ending and still want to watch it.

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“I wasn’t great at homework or video games. I’m very average at both”

Hey listeners! In today’s podcast, Dr. B stops by to talk about something very near and dear to his heart; video games. We review an episode of Doug where he THINKS he loses his whole weekend to video games, and discuss many topics that include: arcades, video game movies, DINOMIGHT BASEBALL, Kim K, Keanu Reeves' acting ability, and Black Mirror.

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What do you do when you finish one show?….Immediately start a brand new one!

Whatsup lisenters!? In this episode Erin joins me to talk about ALL 7 seasons of Sons of Anarchy and the new NBC hit, This Is Us. We explore everything that makes Sons of Anarchy one of the greatest shows of all time, and try to guess if we have any real clue about what is happening on This Is Us. Obviously these shows are polar opposites, but after a Sons of Anarchy type show….you need something with just a BIT less murder.

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What do birthday cake, Discovery Zone, and OJ Simpson have in common? 


Hey listeners! Obviously the answer to that question above is “nothing” but today I sit down with Dr. B, physical therapist,  from The Sound of Synergy Podcast  and somehow make all three of those unrelated things, related.  It’s been about month since both of our ages went up one number so we decided to sit down and podcast about “birthdays.”  We figured a great episode would be the one in Hey Arnold where we learn that Eugene is not the only jinx found on that show.


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30 days notice now means immediately?!?

Hey listeners! I know it’s been a LONG time since I’ve put up a podcast but I’m back to the regular scheduled format (even though this dropped on a Thursday).

In today’s episode I have Ms. Ghirardelli stop by again but not to talk about the “perks of her work” but to talk about how she quit her job! We figured the best movie to analyze a terrible job and quitting would be the 1999 classic, Office Space. So sit back and listen to her long story (about 20 min long, but its worth it) about how they did her kind of dirty for using logic.

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“is the NES classic even that cool?”

What’s going on listeners?? In this episode we catch up for the first time in the new year to discuss everything under the sun.

Topics we cover: being an extra in a TV show, Rob finally loving school and learning, dressing up to go to the racetrack, jinxing the Packers and Steelers, evading the IRS, who would win in a 5k?, and how fat is Matt?

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"is it too early to count down to spring break?


Hey listeners! In today’s episode I sit down with a teacher who never truly wanted to be a teacher. We talk about how to manage working at a place you don’t dig, finding the humor in your class, and trying to stay mentally balanced as a 5th grade teacher.


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New Year, Same Us?

***Disclaimer: The sound quality might be a tad bit off so just bear with it and crank it***


In this episode Dr. Brandon (Doc B) from The Sound of Synergy Podcast joins me to talk about everything that is new; new year, new workout plan, new job, new wife, new engagement, new movies, and a new puppy.  

We also go off topic a lot and discuss: 
Whose career is worse, Adam Sandler or Will Smith?
Can Dwyane Johnson do no wrong?
Why do movies show there is no traffic in Los Angeles?!?

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Happy New Year everyone!

Some great T.V. shows come and go, and you catch the reruns. Some shows come and go and you somehow NEVER get the chance to watch it.

This week, Erin comes back again and we pick shows for each other that we've never seen before.  One show is amazing, emotional, and just one overall great piece of writing.........and the other one is the Proud Family.


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