“Who was the target audience for Full House anyway?”

Hey listeners, we are back with another podcast for you. In this episode we decided to take it old school by going with our old format where we take two shows and compare themes. This week we tackle “Flashback” episodes. Its’ Friends vs. Full House, and I think for the first time ever, it’s a unanimous decision on which episode was clearly more dominant in jokes, substance, plot, and acting!

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“So is it a wrap on his career?”

Hey everyone, we are back with another episode for you. This week we discuss a topic that has been on our minds since the last good Will Smith movie; Will Smith’s career. In this episode we examine our top 5 favorite Will Smith movies of all time, a guilty pleasure Will Smith movie, and try and figure out what role would be great to see Will Smith in next. Although the audio isn’t 100% because of sickness and just Skype problems, this episode sure isn’t lacking in quality!

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"MC's have used up extended warranties
While real MC's and DJ's are a minority"

What’s up everybody - Rob here, and I’m back y’all! Couldn’t say no to Season 2, and I’m excited to start off with this gripe that’s been bugging me and Matt for a while now - instagram famous people, whether they are rappers, “celebrities,” or just got their claim to fame from this social media avenue. We touch on the Cashh Me Ousside girl, Fatboy SSE, Lil Peep, Pump, Youngsta, XXXTension Cord, and other people who you see on your following feed. You’ll hear some side conversations about basketball, Chris Brown, and even Ja Rule’s real name. We’re kind of all over the place here, but you’re in for a treat! Thanks for listening. Make sure to subscribe and follow us on IG, and make US famous:

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"I stay up, I stay on, shine bright, like neon
Your song's, pathetic, synthetic, like Rayon
Fat beats, they play on, want dope rhymes, put me on
Word is bond you know my steez"


And just like that, we are back!

Hey listeners, we are back for season 2 of Boys Meet Podcast. Sure our first season ran pretty long, but whatever, we make the rules around here, so that makes this episode the start of a new season. In this season we will be tackling the same kind of things we did in our previous podcasts, except this time we will not just stick to the 80’s and 90’s. So if you’ve been down with us since the beginning, thanks for riding along with us and if you are new to our show: welcome.

In this episode we tackle many topics like new tv shows, Tyrese vs. the Rock, non-extraordinary people, and legionaries disease.

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Finales are a great way to say goodbye to a show.

Hey listeners, the three amigos are finally back to talk about the series finales of our favorite shows of all time. Sometimes show end in a great way that gives you complete closure, and sometimes they leave you with soooo many questions. In this episode we break down the final two episodes of: Seinfeld, Friends, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and of course Boy Meets World. If you have been a listener since the beginning or even if this is your first episode, thank you for listening to us!

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“Name a GREATER baseball movie than A League of Their Own…you can’t!”

Hey folks, we are finally back in the podcasting world! This is our first episode in a long while and it certainly went off course quick. Our goal was to try and figure out the greatest baseball movie of all time, but veered of course every couple of min or so. However, we did settle on the greatest baseball movie in our opinions.

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“Can you remember what YOU did 6 weeks ago?”

Hey Listeners, we are finally back after a long podcast hiatus with a great one for you! If you have heard of the Serial Podcast, you are probably obsessed. If you haven’t heard it, all it will take is the first episode and you’ll be hooked. This week we finally gather the whole gang up to sit down and discuss our thoughts for the first time on the Adnan Syed case. We go through each other’s theories, praise Sarah Koenig, and try to piece together what actually COULD have happened IF he’s guilty and what COULD have happened if he’s completely innocent (but let’s be real, we still have no clue!).

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“is moulin rouge a dance movie?”

Hey listeners in today’s episode we discuss (in some peoples opinions) the two greatest dance movies of all time. I’ve never seen either until this podcast and all I can say is that they are both hilariously 80’s.

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Hey listeners, welcome back to another episode of Boys Meet Podcast. In today’s episode, Erin and I tackle the ever popular movie “Get Out” and the show that constantly makes you think that the internet is trying to kill you, "Black Mirror.” This episode is full of spoilers because that’s the only way to dig into these topics just a bit further. Black Mirror is so good though, that you can know the ending and still want to watch it.

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“I wasn’t great at homework or video games. I’m very average at both”

Hey listeners! In today’s podcast, Dr. B stops by to talk about something very near and dear to his heart; video games. We review an episode of Doug where he THINKS he loses his whole weekend to video games, and discuss many topics that include: arcades, video game movies, DINOMIGHT BASEBALL, Kim K, Keanu Reeves' acting ability, and Black Mirror.

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