Angels in the Outfield but with Basketball?

In today’s podcast we decided to watch and review the 1997 basketball classic, The Sixth man. We also tackle subjects like: What ever happened to Shawn Wayans?, Ghosts being a real thing that can attach to people, and wondering if Dick Vitale’s persona is real.

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After two long weeks we are finally back from our overseas voyage. Thanks for tuning into another episode of our podcast. In today’s episode we unpack our trip to the Philippines and discuss the ins and outs of our journey.

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We will return to your regular scheduled Boys Meet Podcast weekly episodes in early March!

So we did it again. We picked a show we’ve never seen before, a show that came out for its original run when we were 2 and 3 years old, a show that is very metaphysical. This week we talked about “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” and actually found it quite entertaining. We discuss other things like computer conspiracies, reboots to shows, and the greatest network that disappeared; UPN.

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We debate a lot of things on this podcast, and today we give you another great debate that I’m sure you’ve had with your friends; Who has had a better career Denzel or Samuel L? Of course the answer is not so easy (unless you are Rob), but we go back and forth trying to figure out the answer. Plus we talk about other random nonsense like stupid nicknames, Paula Patton, and of course SUPER SUITS!!!!!

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Some movies come and go and are never talked about again. Other movies are highly discussed amongst circles of friends forever. In today’s podcast we decided to speak about those movies that for some reason are never talked about but are actually pretty good. Simply put: these movies are underrated. These movies are certainly not terrible, and these movies certainly aren’t classics like Goodfellas. These movies are however great enough to watch at least once in your life.

So I called the boys from North Carolina to give their perspective on movies that are simply underrated. Both hail from the ajpresentsthegr8rgood podcast. One of them is the self-proclaimed “Sultan of Saturated Fats,” and the other is the self-proclaimed “Gentlest of Ben’s” and together they both brought some interesting takes about movies that are highly underrated.

Sit back, relax, and listen to 3 dudes speak on movies that you might remember, might never heard of, but will certainly go watch after this.

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Ever watch a tv show and wonder which characters would win in a fight? Yeah, we did too. So we decided to podcast our thoughts about which characters would win a theoretical fight. We pit friend against friend, cousin vs. cousin, and random characters against random characters. We also go hard in the paint about which pretzel is far superior: Auntie Anne’s or Wetzels’ (the answer is clearly obvious). Plus, as a side note: Jollibee is probably at its greatest tasting in the Philippines.

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It’s another brand new episode of BMP. Thanks for tuning in, or clicking in, or whatever you do. Anyways in todays’ podcast we take a look at two shows we’ve NEVER seen before: Quantum Leap and Will & Grace and discover the good, bad, and ugly of each show. One show we will give another shot at a different episode, and one show we will never watch again. Other than that, “Good Morrow”

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Thanks for tuning into another episode of Boys Meet Podcast. In today’s episode we discuss the new Twilight Zone: Black Mirror. We take a look at two episodes, discuss what the future of video gaming will look like, why stoplights don’t have a “purple” feature, and question what Star Wars fans call themselves.

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December 26, 2017

Ep 59: Boys Meet: “Bright”

“the New Year is looking Bright”

Hey everyone! In today’s podcast we re-examine Will Smith’s career with his latest Netflix effort: Bright. We discuss the movie (spoilers ahead), talk about Will Smith, wonder if there’ll ever be a Filipino Show (but more of a show with Filipinos), and of course speak on a bunch of other junk. Sit back, or do whatever you do when you listen to us, and enjoy!

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Were “livestrong” bracelets ever that cool? Are scarves forever in style? What is the proper way to pronounce “Enyce”??

Hey listeners, today we have a 3 amigos podcast for all of you. In this episode we take it back in the day to discuss the trends and fads that have come and gone (and some came back) throughout the 90’s and early 2000s. We talk about everything like fashion trends, word usage, and different styles in hip hop. Join us for a crazy podcast adventure were we reminisce on what we actually thought was “da bomb” at one point in time.

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