In this week’s episode we give our thoughts on the new to Netflix show: Marlon.  We dissect episode 3 of Marlon and of course talk about Pretty Little Liars.


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An Awards Show that Hates other Awards Shows

Hey listeners we are back to give you another episode of Boys Meet Podcast. In this week’s episode we kick off our summer vacation right by creating our own awards show. We decided to look back at one of our favorite shows, Boy Meets World, and give certain characters some much needed awards.

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MVP: best character of the show
Most Improved: character you didn’t like at first, but ended up liking in the end
6th Man of the Series: the best NON-core cast member
Rookie of the Series: the best ONE-TIME performance character
Best Joke of the Series:
Best Tear-Worthy Moment:
MVD: Most Valuable Director
Best Celebrity Guest Star:


The treacherous three of podcasting are back to talk about anything and everything this week.

This is our first podcast in a while due to Toronto, Hawaii, and D.C. related trips. In this episode we sit down and discuss current events in the world of Hip-Hop like Drake vs. Pusha T and the new Kanye album, we also talk about our summer plans, and we somehow spend the majority of this podcast talking about our love-hate relationship with the T.V. show Pretty Little Liars.

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When it comes to game 7(s), we aren't picking the teams we want in the Finals.  We simply are picking the teams we don't want to see win.  In this mini episode we discuss: steroid usage/preworkout, our picks for Game 7(s), and the thought of Jerseys making a fashion comeback!


It’s Round 2 of the playoffs, so of course we had to do another podcast. We talk about wrong predictions from Round 1, Finals predictions, and of course LeBron dominating.

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At Boys Meet Podcast we love three things: Everything 90’s and early 2000’s, Hip-Hop, and NBA Playoffs.

It’s NBA Playoff time so we decided to sit down and have a chat about everything concerning this years’ playoffs. Predictions, skill, and who ruined the game are all discussed on this Saturday edition of Boys Meet Podcast.

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Welcome back listeners and thank you for tooning into another episode of Boys Meet Podcast. In today’s episode we simple discuss what was by far the BEST cartoon(s) growing up. Of course we couldn’t agree on just one show, so we had to give our top 5 and some great honorable mentions as well. We also discuss NBA playoffs preview, why certain shows CAN’T be included in a top 5, and try and answer the question “will nostalgia be a thing in 15 years?”.

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Hey listeners! We are back with another new episode of Boys Meet Podcast. In today’s episode instead of “meeting” something new, we just shoot the breeze/hay/can and freestyle about a bunch of topics that include: how our listeners found us, why T-pain is better than Drake, Filipino artists you never heard of, and why Brandon hates Lebron James.

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Angels in the Outfield but with Basketball?

In today’s podcast we decided to watch and review the 1997 basketball classic, The Sixth man. We also tackle subjects like: What ever happened to Shawn Wayans?, Ghosts being a real thing that can attach to people, and wondering if Dick Vitale’s persona is real.

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After two long weeks we are finally back from our overseas voyage. Thanks for tuning into another episode of our podcast. In today’s episode we unpack our trip to the Philippines and discuss the ins and outs of our journey.

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